Whilst Andy and I were melting down the Vinomold, he thought it would be a good idea to try out casting using a reasonably thin layer of wax, filled with plaster, as a quicker and more solid way of creating my skull. We used a small mold of a figure that someone had let behind to melt some wax, wait quite a while for it to cool, then filled the mold with a thin layer before swirling cold water around it to make it cool quicker. Andy then filled it with plaster and once it had all dried, it produced a pretty good cast. The colour of the cast looked bright as well because of the white of the plaster. This is definitely a possibility for my skulls, except it might make them too heavy, which is not ideal. I’m a little worried about them being too big for the tables in Neon Cactus, but I will take one in when I’ve done my first cast to check with them. I just think it is much more effective that they are scaled to a real human sized skull!