We have decided to make this exhibition around Monica Proietti aka Machine Gun Molly. She’s got a really awesome history and story of her life, plus her name would be perfect for the name of our exhibition. She also seemed to be the one we immediately came up with lots of ideas for and got the most enthusiastic about. I reckon we’ll use some of the others we came up with as subject matters in future projects (if this collaboration works out well) and keep up a theme of iconic women/men.

Whilst we were planning we took regular trips in to the corridor where the exhibition space will be, to get an idea of how much work we will need to produce and what kind of sizes and scales we would be working on. These are the things we know so far:

  • We will produce 5 x A1 prints
  • A very large scale banner displaying the name of the exhibition with illustrations, to go on the big white wall space. We would have to get this digitally printed as its a giant space!
  • One A1/2/3ish sized print to display the name of our collective and to have at the end wall of the exhibition.
  • A medium sized plinth on which we will have something for people to take away. Firstly we thought about business cards, but we don’t want this to necessarily be about us promoting ourselves. Not too sure what this will be yet.